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Remember when leggings became popular and everyone kept talking about how leggings aren’t pants? I do. I think most of us followed that rule for many years. But then, the alluring siren song of the legging got some of us ditching the oversized tunic for a shorter shirt and a leather jacket, and we felt good. And we looked good. Leggings have evolved into pants, and here are some outfit ideas to prove it (and inspire you).

  1. Thick leggings, ankle boots, leather jacket -
    If you choose a monochromatic color palette for this look it can be incredibly chic. Just make sure you choose a thick (perhaps double-knit) legging option so it gives you a little more support and your skin isn’t peaking through the fibers. Photo inspiration.
  2. Printed leggings, simple tee, simple shoe -
    Go for a bold, fun printed legging and keep everything else simple and understated. You’ll want to choose something that shows off your personality, so take a look at to see their variety of fun options.
  3. Leather legging, striped top, sneaker -
    To give leather leggings a daytime look, pair them with a simple striped top and a sneaker that’s cute and comfy. You’ll be able to wear these anywhere during the day without looking overdressed.
  4. Plain leggings, button-down blouse, loafer -
    Go for a more business-casual look by wearing a button-down blouse with a pair of black leggings and a black loafer. If your office gets cold, wear a light cardigan over your blouse.

 The old rules of leggings are gone, and new ones are replacing them. Wear leggings in whatever way makes you feel comfortable, because the entire point of leggings is that they’re comfortable fashion.

Do you follow the “leggings aren’t pants” rule? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

October 03, 2016 by Ana Saperstein

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