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Leggings are essential to every woman’s wardrobe, but good leggings can be hard to find. Often times, when I come across leggings in a store, they’re flimsy and thin, and I know they won’t last very long, but I make the purchase because I need more leggings in my life.

Sadly, I always regret those impulse buys because I find myself needing to replace them too quickly after the initial purchase. It’s not cost-effective for me, and it’s wasteful, so I started hunting around for better options for buying leggings.

I have some tips for picking out good leggings, and I’ll tell you where to get some awesome leggings at affordable prices.

            How to spot good leggings:

  1. What material is used?
    You’ll want different material for different purposes, so keep that in mind. A spandex-polyester blend would work well for every-day wear while maintaining that nice stretch we all love. A cotton blend would work well for wearing casually. A synthetic blend would probably be a good choice for working out.
  2. How thick/thin is the material?
    Generally, thicker leggings will last longer. And they’re much better to wear in the winter. Double-knit fabrics hold up really well to wear, especially in areas like the thighs where there’s going to be friction and rubbing.
  3. What does the stitching look like?
    If you go to gently pull the seam apart, does the stitching start to come apart? If so, that’s your clue that it’s not a great piece of craftsmanship. Of course, you might choose to spend less money on a piece that isn’t crafted as well, which is completely fine. Just don’t spend a lot of money for a piece that’s literally coming apart at the seams.
  4. What’s the price point?
    A super, super cheap pair of $5.00 leggings is probably not going to be the best quality. Likewise, a $100.00 pair of leggings is probably going to be awesome quality, but not many of us can afford to spend money like that. So, find a happy middle ground. I’ve found that I can get a great pair of quality leggings for somewhere between $20 and $40. Decide what you’re willing to spend, and find that balance between quality and quantity.

            So, those are my tips for selecting a good pair of leggings, or deciding what you think is important when selecting leggings. I’ve found the materials, stitching, and price point of the leggings at to be great. They have an incredible selection of styles, colors, patterns, and sizes. They have workout leggings and fun every-day leggings at affordable prices.


            Do you have a system for spotting quality leggings? Have you bought a pair of leggings from that you loved? Tell us in the comments below!

August 30, 2016 by Ana Saperstein

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