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How to Wear Leggings for your Body Type

When leggings first emerged in the fashion sphere there was a widely-held belief that you had to be a 6-foot tall, super-thin model to wear them. And remember when people kept saying that leggings weren’t pants? Oh, the good old days.

Thankfully, two things have changed since then: 1. There is a record amount of body-positive women who are wearing whatever the heck they want. 2. Leggings are pants. So there. I’ve thrown together a quick guide to help you choose leggings for your body type. But remember, a guide is just a guide, and you can wear whatever you want!

  1. Tips for tall women
    First of all, hello, you special unicorn. You can wear almost anything better than us short girls. (I’m not jealous!) However, I hear you have a hard time finding dresses that fit your length properly. That’s where leggings come in. Pair short tunics, shirt-dresses, or mini-dresses with a pair of leggings and flats or ankle boots, and you’ve got a perfectly cute outfit that doesn’t leave you feeling overexposed.
  2. Tips for petite women
    For short women, the challenge is visually lengthening your silhouette. The best way to do that is choose a shoe color that’s as close to your hemline as possible. So, if you’re wearing black leggings, wear a black ankle boot or riding boot. It’s best when there’s no visual break (like skin showing between your hemline and your shoe), so keep that in mind.
  3. Tips for hourglass-shaped women
    You have no issue wearing leggings as long as you remember to accentuate your waistline. This can mean wearing belted tunics or dresses or choosing cinched-waist tops and dresses. Pair a casual cinched tunic dress with a pair of leggings a nice loafer.
  4. Tips for pear-shaped women
    The key to wearing leggings with your body shape is to draw the visual attention to your upper body. This means that printed or bright-colored leggings aren’t always the best option, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear all black! You can pair a bright-colored dress or long blouse with a pair of black leggings and a shoe of your choice.

 No matter your body type, you don’t have to be afraid of wearing leggings. There are so many options now that there’s no reason we can’t all enjoy the beauty and comfort of the legging. What’s your body type? How do you wear leggings? Let us know in the comments below!

August 10, 2016 by Ana Saperstein

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